Doug & Janice's World Tour Uruguay Journal

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    December 12, 2010

    Welcome to Montevideo, Uruguay.

    Well, we have finally started the South American leg of our journey. I must admit we were home longer than planned but we are rested-up. But, maybe the food at home was too good, we seem to be carrying a few extra pounds!

    We arrived in Montevideo early morning – which was great since the airport is a distance out of town. It was a hard ride along the coast, our first day here and we got an ugly head wind, and I sure hope this isn’t a sight of things to come!

    There are 2 things that you notice in this city –
    1) BEEF, yes, BEEF. These people can really put it away. I don’t think they eat any veggies – just BEEF. The Mercado Del Puerto is the place to eat. This is a beautiful old warehouse that has been restored with multiple restaurants or ‘parrillas’ (grill). Yes, it’s all grilled BEEF. I must admit that you do see a chicken or lamb every so often – but the main item at every meal is…you guessed it – BEEF!
    2) And these people never sleep. They are up until dawn every day. Dinner is served any time after 10pm…so, needless to say, we eat our big meal for lunch since we don’t stay up all night! Most restaurants and shops are closed mid afternoon and reopen in early evening – not a great schedule for a biker…

    Tomorrow we get back on the bikes and really start the journey.

    Healthy and happy in South America!
    Janice and Doug

    December 17, 2010
    Well, today we take the ferry from Colonia del Sacramento to Buenos Aires, Argentina.

    We had a few days of crazy wind; I really hope this doesn’t continue…Pretty quiet, not much to see until we got to Calonia del Sacramento. This is a very pleasant city with a great historic area. It has been nice wondering around. It appears that every city has a town square…what happened to town squares in the US?

    We met a few bikers already. I German man traveling by himself (going in opposite direction so he had great wind!) and then 3 young men from France. They have been in South America for a month or so already and they plan to work as shipmates and get down to Antarctica…that sounds great!

    Bon Voyage! Till we next meet in Argentina…
    Janice & Doug

    One other thing, as we were traveling we decided to stop at Nuevo Helvetia. You may recognize this as a name of cheese (Helvetia)…correct! In the guide book it sounds like this is a place to see…and it’s the birthplace of this cheese…but don’t go. What a waste and it was another ride against the wind! Yuck.