Doug & Janice's World Tour Tahiti Journal

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    We're in Moorea, Tahiti. everything is wonderful, except, this computer is french, weird letters in all of the wrong places.

    Tahiti is beautiful, and a heck of a lot of fun; it is also THE MOST EXPENSIVE PLACE I"VE EVER BEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'll keep the horror stories to only this, a case of beer at the grocer is sixty dollars. We are blowing our budget here, but having the time of our lives: hakuna matata ( no problems)

    Christmas day was spent riding around the island to see how Tahitians spend Christmas... Looks like a family day. We did find the one shop on the island that was open - and we were able to purchase a couple of beers. Of course they were wrapped in paper and I don't believe the $ got into the register!!!
    We are staying at the Club Bali Hai - a great old resort. The interesting part is the history of the owners. This establishment was started by 3 "surfer dudes" from California in the 1960's. They basically fell in love with Tahiti and the island lifestyle and never left. Some great stories!

    And the views are beautiful and constantly changing... after the rain you can see waterfalls in the mountains that weren't there before!

    The diving wasn't too interesting -but we did see plenty of big lemon sharks and turtles.

    The only real problem we have is us and the bikes...we're out of shape and the bikes are too heavy. Well, once we get to New Zealand we'll have to review our gear!

    We're as happy as two people have the right to be!
    Doug and Janice