Doug & Janice's World Tour Australia Journal

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    Sydney Opera House
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    Sydney nightlife

    April 17, 2008

    Welcome to Sydney! A beautiful city. We actually broke-down and got a hotel, we have been camping since Tahiti! And as nice as the city is, we found ourselves spending quite a bit of time in the hotel room - soft bed and a TV.
    From here we cycled north, looking for warmer weather. It was pleasant but too cold to swim in the Sydney area. One of our stops was at "The Entrance" a town who's claim to fame is feeding pelicans! Everyday at 3:30 people and pelicans gather at the water's edge. But I'm not sure who's in control here...the people feeding the pelicans or the pelicans!
    We continued north but it was not an easy ride. Drivers we a bit more agessive here, I think they are just rushing to their homes on the beach outside Sydney, and everything is so far away. We wanted to go up to Cairns but had to get on a train to do that. We took an overnight train to Brisbane so that we could save $ on camping/hotel and this gave us 8 hours n the city.

    Australia is beaches, diving, rainforest, outback and critters (Emu, Kangaroo, Cowboys). You see a town on a map...and MAYBE it's really there! We did get to dive the Great Barrier Reef and hope to get back here again someday.

    What an amazing adventure this has been so far. I haven't figured out if the world is now smaller or larger due to this trip. But, what I have found is a world that has welcomed us. We have experienced wonderful random acts of kindness that you don't expect in this hetic world. The stranger that stops when we are looking at a map to see if he can help, or the minister and his wife that gave us their guest room since it was getting dark and no campground around. So many new experiences; smells, colors and even textures! If I can relay any of this experience to you I'm thrilled! There is so much out there and I know I'm only touching the tip of this iceberg. And now I feel I own, and therefor are responsible for, these places I visit.