Doug & Janice's World Tour Singapore Journal

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    Strange feeling being here, it is the end of the South Asian part of our journey, after our stop here we will travel to Nepal.

    And Singapore does live up to its reputation of being a beautiful city/country. It is actually an island and one of the world’s wealthiest based on per capita income. And so crowded!
    Most of the crazy restrictive rules have been lifted, but you still don’t want to get caught chewing gum here without a permit! We arrived in time for the Chinese New Year, but it wasn’t what we expected. This is more of a family holiday. There were lots of fireworks downtown and a parade.

    A few months ago we had shipped our camping gear from Hong Kong to a hostel here in Singapore. We figured why carry it if we aren’t using the gear in SE Asia. And once we arrived we were sooooo happy to see everything was here. It would have been difficult to replace things like out tent and sleeping bags!

    So after 10 days in this expensive city we next head to Nepal…

    Life is good,
    Janice and Doug

    Oh, I forgot to mention the other traveler we older man on a motorcycle. I think he had been traveling for a couple years by now. But what made him extra-special was that he is deaf. He is the ultimate proof that you don't need to speak a foreign langue to travel the world!
    Happy Trails!