Doug & Janice's World Tour Summary

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    Biking at the Pyramids
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    Our ride across China finishes in Beijing. Three in this group had already cycled around the world
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    Three monks on a scooter taxi at the Thai-Cambodia border
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    The Sydney Australia Opera House
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    Cycling Patagonia, Southern Chile

    Around the World by bicycle...

    YEAR 1: 2008
    We begin in Tahiti in December, 2007, then 4 months in New Zealand and Australia, next to Beijing and a 4 day train ride to the far west of China, where we met a group, (Baltic Cycle) of 15 cyclists on their way from Greece to Beijing for the Olympics. We spent the next 15 weeks peddling across China with these wonderful folks. (go see China today, it will not be the same tomorrow) After the Olympics we headed south through China through a varied Viet Nam, a boat up the Mekong into amazing Cambodia, and on to tourist friendly Thailand for the holidays.

    YEAR 2: 2009
    The year starts with a visa run into Myanmar to renew out Thailand visa, then Malaysia to Singapore. A flight to Katmandu, Nepal for some of the worlds best mountain biking. On to India, where, after only a few hundred miles we put our bikes in storage and did the backpacker routes via train, bus and plane. Plenty of adventurous folks have what it takes to cycle India, but we do not. After a flight to Berlin we rode to Quindlenberg, Germany, where after nearly a year, we met our friends from Baltic Cycle for a ride through Poland, Czech Republic and Lithuania. We continued with this fabulous bike group back through Poland for a ride through the Crimea in Ukraine. We left the bike group in Yalta and took a cargo boat across the Black Sea, back into Asia. Istanbul, the magic of Central Turkey and the resorts of the Turkish Mediterranean. Ferries through the Greek islands, a very relaxing form of cycle tour, then to Athens for a flight to Cairo, Egypt. We complete our second year cycling (with police escorts) along the Nile and the Sinai area of the Red Sea.

    YEAR 3:2010/2011
    After a stop at home, East Coast U.S., we continue on to South America. We fly to Montevideo, Uruguay. We avoid the excessive reciprocity visa fee charges imposed on US citizens in most South American countries by land crossing into Argentina at Buenos Aires then to the wine region of Mendoza. We peddle South along the Andes in the ever more remote high desert. When we can tolerate arid touring no longer we cross over the Andes into Chile and are rewarded with dense green forests. Through the Lakes District to the end of the Pan American Highway at Quellon and a ferry ride to Aysen and ride the legendary Carretera Austral through Patagonia, finishing with a ride/push/carry back into Argentina. Continuing to the end of our Southern Odyssey at Rio Gallegos. Back to Buenos Aires where tragedy strikes, our bicycles are stolen. We finish our 'round the world adventure' with six weeks of bus touring thru northern Argentina, Chile and Peru. Machu Pichu and Iguazu Falls are highlights.
    We hope you enjoy the pictures and journal of our World Class cycle ride.
    Happy biking!


    We experienced floods in Viet Nam, sandstorms in the China desert, violent civil unrest in Bangkok, Buenos Aires and Peru, incredible hills both up and down, headwinds that nearly stopped us, and tail winds that propelled us to our single day 124 mile record. Locals that treat us like movie stars or throw rocks at us. People that love us for where we were born, and people (Westerners) that never tire of giving us crap for it. Police that first try to toss us off of highways only to then sit on our bikes to have their photo taken. We biked through desert, jungles, mountains, rain, hail, snow, wind, heat, floods, ancient temples, the traffic mayhem of some of the world's largest cities and the solitude of the most remote roads. We experienced some of the world's best and worst culinary experiences. It seems that we existed only to eat, and search for food.
    ...And we would not have traded any of it for the world!!!! What a blast.... If you ever get the chance to enjoy your life savings away, let us know... we can point you in a direction.


    Some stats: 23 countries..Political (co$tly) restrictions that kept us a stones throw away from or detours around Tibet, Russia, Paraguay, Brazil, Bolivia, Saudi Arabia and 3 of the '..stans'. (Who else keeps list updated of countries seen but not visited.)
    16 airplane flights...17 trains...63 boats...17 buses and one tractor that took us, very slowly up to 12,000 feet in Nepal.
    Two steel budget bicycles that after 23,000 miles chewed up...8 wheels, 3 derailleurs. 2 chain rings, 1 crank set, 4 bottom brackets, a handlebar (due to a maniacal Chinese security guard) 6 clusters and chains, many bearings and countless tires and tubes. Sometimes I think that half my luggage was from a hardware store or bike shop.