Doug & Janice's World Tour - Country Overview

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    Wedding celebration
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    Feeding time at The Entrance, Australia
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    A restaurant at the Livestock Market in Kashgar, China
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    Welcome to Istanbul, Turkey
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    Cycling Patagonia, Southern Chile


    A "Cycling by Country" Overview.


    French Polynesia: Possibly the most expensive paradise on the planet.

    New Zealand: Much as expected, a beautiful place in which to learn how to ride a bicycle.

    Australia: A multifaceted land full of natural wonders and wildly interesting people.

    China: Words cannot describe this place. We expected to learn much, and learned magnitudes more. Five months was not enough

    Viet Nam: its people have never lost a war, and we had constant reminders of this achievement.

    Cambodia: Amazing, barely believable history, both ancient and recent.

    Thailand: South East Asia's tourist playground, with somewhat shaky government at times.

    Malaysia: Beaches and mountains without the tourist infrastructure of Thailand.

    Singapore: Fun Manhattan like stop, but the shopping bargains of previous years are gone.

    Nepal: A gem on the planet. Mountains and beautiful culture. It would be difficult to not have fun in Nepal.

    India: Amazing places and cultures. While it is possible to relax in India, independent travel here is work.

    Germany: Currently expensive, but great food and familiar comforts

    Poland: A grand surprise full of sights and history. A poor-man's European vacation.

    Czech Republic: There is much to see and like most of Eastern Europe, dollars can be stretched here.

    Lithuania: Finding its identity after generations of foreign occupation. Filled with lovely people.

    Ukraine: Proud of its heritage, a strong willed culture in what was the USSR playground.

    Turkey: Probably the friendliest society on Earth. Natural wonders astound. A must see.

    Greece: Great history and a ferry system that makes bicycle island hopping a dream.

    Egypt: The expected astounding historic sites, and some of the best scuba diving in the world.

    Uraguay: Great food, beaches and roads. A very comfortable experience

    Argentina: Varied spectacular terrain, Political class struggles, Cowboys, and remote desert riding

    Chile: The driest desert on Earth, the rich mountain highlands, and the allure of Patagonia

    Peru: Incredible Inca history, Near zero control of civil unrest, High mountains and Amazonia


    A mention about Baltic Cycle, we crossed China and some of Eastern Europe with this very informal touring group composed of bikers from not only The Baltic States, but also Poland, Greece, Italy, France, Holland, UK, New Zealand and more. The group is organized by and is composed of, some of the most wonderful two wheelers ever. They take at least one long tour each year, and the phrase 'A good time was had by all' was coined for them. We'll remember our 2 Summers with them among our favorites. If you are looking for a group to tour with, they are worth considering.