Doug & Janice's World Tour Cambodia Journal

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    November 14, 2008
    What a surprise we found as we entered Phnom Penh...the Phnom Penh Water and Moon Festival is a 3 day festival said to be the most important holiday for Cambodians. We found boat races, fireworks, great street food and MILLIONS of people. Yes, the city triples in size for this event. Most interesting is that this also marks the reversal of the current in Tonle Sap river. The main city street is closed to all cars and scooters - sounds great but the crowds are so thick it's difficult to even push the bike to our hotel!

    After the crowds left we were able to start enjoying the city. S-1 the famous prison established by Pol Pot is overwhelming...but then a visit to the Killing Fields and your heart is torn apart. How did this happen and why did the world watch...

    p> November 15, 2008
    We're off on another boat - a great way to travel! This time we are going to Sien Reap and then Angkor Wat.

    p> November 21, 2008
    Well, we thought we would just see "more temples"...boy were we wrong! These Khmer temples date back to the 12th century and are beautiful. And the way to see it is on a bicycle! The temple complex is only 5 miles from Siem Reap. You are able to cycle right up to the temple bases and the place is so large that the only way to see the "remote" temples is to hire a car...or get on your bike! It is amazing to see how nature has taken over the empty temples.
    Happy riding!

    OK...Casino Zone...Sounds interesting...but it's not!
    This is an area on the Cambodia/Thai border. It is described as a "mini Las Vegas" but actually it is a group of second rate casinos. The strangest go through Cambodian immigration and get an exit stamp...then spend a day in the Casio zone and as you leave you get a Thai visa. Sounds simple (and it is)...but strange in passport...that time in the casino zone is not reflected on the passport date/time...

    And after great biking at Angkor Wat, the ride from Siem Reap to the border shows that they really don't have roads in Cambodia. Some of the hardest riding so, dirty and very slow...
    Still happy and healthy,
    Doug and Janice